Danescourt and Hailey Park Cardiff

As the local water and wastewater company, we have a legal obligation to support new housing developments whilst ensuring the services that we provide our existing customers are not impacted. That’s why we have been working closely with the local authority and the developer to ensure the Cardiff wastewater network has the capacity to continue to serve the wider community as the development progresses. We have identified that the waste network in Llandaff North has sufficient capacity for us to transfer some of the flows into this network which will then be taken to Cardiff Wastewater Treatment Works to be treated.

Where possible, some of the new properties will be connecting into our nearby existing sewers where there is sufficient capacity. Where this is not feasible, the only viable option is to pass wastewater flows into one of our existing trunk sewers which carries flows to Cardiff Wastewater Treatment Works.

Normally, our network relies on gravity for waste to flow from your homes and businesses to our sewers. However, in low-lying areas – like Hailey Park – we need to pump the wastewater up into the network. That’s why our plans include building a small pumping station in Hailey Park and making improvements to our waste network to ensure the additional wastewater is pumped safely to our Cardiff Waste Water Treatment Works.

£10,000 Community Fund

To say thank you to the community, we have launched a £10,000 community fund. The grant will be available to local community groups or organisations as a way of thanking them for bearing with us while we carry out our work.

To apply for a share of the £10,000, groups need to email community@dwrcymru.com in approximately 500 words why their group should be successful and how the money will benefit the local community.

This is funded by Welsh Water’s project team working in the area and is separate to the funding made available through the company’s Community Fund.

Other support available to you

Sometimes, our customers need a little extra help. Whether it’s finding a way to save money on your monthly bills, fixing a leaky loo or signing you up to our priority services register, we’re here to help. Take a look at some of the services we have available to you below.