Watersource18 Conference

To coincide with World Water Day on Thursday 22nd March, we held our WaterSource18 conference which looked at catchment science and the future of evidence-based land management for water quality in Wales at the Principality Stadium, Cardiff.

Catchment science and the future of evidence-based land management for water quality in Wales

Effective catchment management is Welsh Water’s ‘first line of defence’ to ensuring that our raw water quality is of an expected, consistent and manageable quality. To understand how the land around our drinking water sources affects raw water and how water behaves when it is in our rivers, reservoirs and groundwaters, we are using cutting edge research and trialing new solutions and technologies to protect our water sources.

This year, our WaterSource18 conference reviewed how catchment science, evidence-based land management and international learning can futureproof water quality in Wales.

Global learning opportunity

We were delighted to be joined by representatives from the New York City Department of Environment’s Water Supply Bureau, the Watershed Agricultural Council, and the Catskill Watershed Corporation who will deliver our keynote speech on 20 Years of Catchment Management in the Catskills Watershed, New York.

Their presentations explained how organisations work together to provide over a billion gallons of drinking water (most of it unfiltered) to over 9 million people in New York State and New York City as well as treat 1.3 billion gallons of wastewater through 14 wastewater treatment works on a daily basis.

An evidence-based approach to catchment management

During the day, we demonstrated how our evidence-based approach to catchment management is leading to improvements in raw water quality, share our PR19 plans for furthering Catchment Science and identify shared values, common interests and opportunities for future collaboration.


Presentations from the day are available here: