Water 2050

Welsh Water 2050 sets out our long term vision which will help us address the many challenges that lie ahead - from climate and demographic change to the pace of technological change and also to increasing customer expectations.

We also know that our customers expect us to anticipate these future challenges to ensure we continue to provide them with a service they can trust.

The document details our 18 strategic responses to respond to these challenges which in turn will enable us to become a truly world class, resilient and sustainable water service for the benefit of future generations.

Our vision is set within the policy context of the Welsh Government’s Wellbeing of Future Generations Act (Wales) 2015 and Environment Act (Wales) 2015.

During the development of Welsh Water 2050, we engaged and consulted with relevant stakeholders to ensure their informed views were captured and helped us shape the final form of the document.

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If you have any queries on Welsh Water 2050, please contact us at welshwater2050@dwrcymru.com