St Nicholas Wastewater Treatment Works, Vale of Glamorgan

We know that our customers expect a high level of reliability in relation to their waste water treatment. That’s why we’re upgrading our St Nicholas Wastewater Treatment Works to ensure we continue to meet the high standards set by our customers.

It has been identified that we need to make some improvements to how our wastewater treatment work in St Nicholas operates. This is to ensure we are able to treat the additional wastewater expected as a result of local growth within the area as well as to meet the new ammonia and phosphorus consents set by our regulators.

Before we continue with our planning application, we want to give you the opportunity to have a look at our plans and share your feedback with us. We would welcome your thoughts and feedback on our proposed work and the access track.

What are we planning on doing?

The current St Nicholas wastewater treatment works is located in the village of St Nicholas, Vale of Glamorgan. It can be found at the end of Brook Lane and currently receives waste water from over 500 customers.

To ensure that we continue to meet the high standards set by our customers and facilitate future growth, we need to upgrade our works to provide additional treatment and storage that will help continue to deliver a first-class service to our customers. To do this, we need to construct a new inlet screening and treatment process alongside the original St Nicholas wastewater treatment works. This new treatment process would be built to the east of the existing works and will involve:

  • New manhole to intercept flows on the incoming gravity sewer pipework.
  • New inlet screen to service all incoming flows.
  • New inlet lift pumping station to lift up the flows through the main treatment stream.
  • Modifications to primary settlement tank feed chamber.
  • Modifications to existing primary settlement tanks.
  • New biofilter distribution chamber.
  • Additional mineral media biofilter.
  • Refurbishment of existing mineral media biofilters.
  • 2 new humus settlement tanks with humus sludge return pumps.
  • New aerated reedbed.
  • New recirculation pumping station.
  • New sludge holding tank
  • New sludge tank decant / site drainage returns pumping station.
  • New ferric dosing plant with safety shower.
  • New alkalinity dosing plant.
  • New potable water booster set.
  • New final effluent sampling chamber.
  • Electrical upgrades including replacement of LV pole mounted transformer.
  • Decommissioning of existing humus settlement tanks, existing returns pumping station and existing sludge drying beds.

To facilitate the work we need to do, we also need to install a temporary construction access road through the land to the east of our site.

We propose to use the land to the east of the existing site and a temporary area of land to the south and further east as our site compound and location for a temporary construction access road. Once the construction has been completed, the temporary construction access road will be removed and these areas of land will be reinstated and returned as agricultural land.

As long as everything goes to plan, we will be aiming to carry out the construction of the temporary construction access road from February to April 2024, prior to construction work starting within the wastewater treatment works itself. We anticipate the construction and commissioning of the upgrades to the new wastewater treatment works to last approximately one year.

Useful information

We would like to share with you some information that we have pulled together about our proposed temporary construction access road that we propose including within our planning application and which we would like your comments on. They are:


300745-DEL-XXX-DR-00001 P01 - St Nicholas WwTW Temporary Access Road

660.4kB, PDF

300745-DEL-XXX-DR-00002 P01 - St Nicholas WwTW Temporary Access Road

653.3kB, PDF

300745-DEL-XXX-DR-00003 P01 - St Nicholas WwTW Temporary Access Road

628.4kB, PDF

300745-DEL-XXX-DR-00004 P01 - St Nicholas WwTW Temporary Access Road

378.3kB, PDF

B10181-0AG964-ZZ-ZZ-AP-TA-AG0325 - Draft Planning Application Form

487.2kB, PDF

B10181-0AG964-ZZ-ZZ-DR-CA-DI0239 - St Nicholas WwTW Landscape Planting Plan

1.3MB, PDF

B10181-0AG964-ZZ-ZZ-DR-CA-DI0312 - Existing Site Plan

315.4kB, PDF

B10181-0AG964-ZZ-ZZ-DR-TA-PN0235 - Planning location plan

312.8kB, PDF

B10181-0AG964-ZZ-ZZ-ME-NB-ED0286 - St Nicholas WwTW Bat Tree Climbing Report

401.6kB, PDF

B10181-0AG964-ZZ-ZZ-RP-CA-AL0241 - St Nicholas WwTW Archaeological Evaluation Project Design

846.7kB, PDF

B101810AG964ZZZZRPCAFD0240 St Nicholas WwTW Flood Consequence Assessment FCA

4.3MB, PDF

B101810AG964ZZZZRPGAGC0197 St Nicholas WwTW Ground Investigation Report GIR

18.2MB, PDF

B101810AG964ZZZZRPNAED0132 St Nicholas WwTW Preliminary Ecological Appraisal PEA

5.5MB, PDF

B10181-0AG964-ZZ-ZZ-RP-NB-ED0052 - St Nicholas WwTW Site Ecological Constraints Memo

2.4MB, PDF

B10181-0AG964-ZZ-ZZ-RP-NB-ED0245 - St Nicholas WwTW Dormouse Survey Report


B10181-0AG964-ZZ-ZZ-RP-NB-ED0246 - St Nicholas WwTW Bat Survey Report

8.6MB, PDF

B10181-0AG964-ZZ-ZZ-RP-NB-ED0285 - St Nicholas WwTW Arboricultural Report


B10181-0AG964-ZZ-ZZ-RP-TA-PN0319 - Planning Statement

437.9kB, PDF

B10181-0AG964-ZZ-ZZ-RP-TA-PN0320 - Design Access Statement

899.5kB, PDF

B10181-0AG964-ZZ-ZZ-RP-WB-CJ0321 - St Nicholas WwTW Construction Environmental Management Plan


B10181-0AG964-ZZ-ZZ-RP-WB-CJ0322 - Transport Management Plan

2.4MB, PDF

B10181OAG964ZZZZDRTAPN0237 Elevation View through Northern Eastern Side

522.1kB, PDF

B10181OAG964ZZZZDRTAPN0238 Elevation View through Southern Western Side

730.3kB, PDF

B10181-OAG964-ZZ-ZZ-DR-TA-PN0295 - Planning Site General Arrangement

4.5MB, PDF

Report 4366 - St Nicholas WwTW Archaeological Evaluation Report

14.8MB, PDF

In addition, we are also preparing a Transport Statement and Green Infrastructure Statement which will be submitted with the planning application following this consultation exercise.

Have your say

We welcome any feedback that you would like to share regarding the draft planning application prior to its submission to the Vale of Glamorgan Council. In accordance with Welsh Government guidance, please could you do this by Sunday 10 December 2023 by emailing