Pont-y-felin Lane

As a company, we depend on the environment for the water and wastewater services we provide. We take our responsibilities to protecting the environment seriously and we invest around £1 million a day in improving and maintaining our networks.

We also know that customers want us to do more, especially to help protect the quality of our rivers such as the Usk. This is why we’re planning to invest around £13 million to improve the way our CSO located in Pont-y-felin Lane, Torfaen, operates.

On this page you will find some information on the challenges we face and our proposals for improving the CSO, along with information about how you can share your feedback on our plans.

What’s the problem?

The quality of our main rivers is monitored by Natural Resources Wales. There is concern about the river water quality in parts of the Usk as they’re not achieving what’s called ‘good’ ecological status. This means that there are too many chemicals in the river such as ‘phosphorous’ which can cause algal blooms which can affect the amount of oxygen available in the water and harm wildlife.

There are several factors which can increase phosphate levels. This includes how we treat wastewater before it’s returned to the environment. Our modelling of the River Usk for example shows that our assets (i.e. our treatment works, Combined Storms Overflows or CSOs) are responsible for between 21% - 23% of the phosphates in the main water bodies, with CSOs only responsible for 1%. The remainder – over 75% - is caused by other factors such as agricultural run-off and animal faeces, urban surface water drainage, misconnected drains, as well as private septic tanks.

However, we understand that this is an important matter for communities, and we are committed to playing our part to doing what we can to reduce our impact on local rivers.

Pont-y-felin CSO

We have an underground CSO located on Pont-y-felin Lane which discharges into the Afon Lwyd. We are planning to invest around £13 million to upgrade this CSO using a nature-based solution which will treat spills and boost the water quality in the Afon Lwyd and River Usk. We have hired a leading engineering consultancy which have conducted a thorough analysis, and we gathered valuable input from the public and stakeholders through various channels. Check the below tabs under 'Developing Solutions' and 'Public Consultation' for more details on how we came to finalising our preferred solution.

Developing the solution

What can I expect?

Our main construction:

Once our preparation work has been completed and planning has been approved, we will progress with the main construction work.

This will take approximately one year to complete, and will involve:

  • the creation of reed beds and wetlands
  • constructing a small compound for managing the nearby assets
  • Installing footpaths, additional pedestrian access gates and outdoor seating
  • Improve the current landscaping
  • Creating spaces to enhance the local biodiversity and allowing for people to take up educational opportunities to learn more about the local environment

For public safety, the public right of way through the field will be diverted while we carry out our work. This will be clearly signposted for you to follow.

Pont-y-felin lane closed:

For safety reasons, the single track lane between Lancaster Road (from the New Inn Congregational Church Cemetery) and the junction with Pont-y-felin Lane will remain closed to vehicles and walkers throughout the duration of our work. Residents will have limited access to garages between 1st - 3rd November, however the site team will accommodate when they can and residents will be able to gain access. A diversion route for those residents who live in the area will be put in place via Pont-y-felin Lane.

Our contractors and working hours:

We’ll be working with Morgan Sindall and their supply chain to get the work done, so you may notice their vehicles travelling in your local area. They’ll be working Monday to Friday between 7.30am and 5.30pm, although sometimes they may need to work outside of these hours to get the work done quickly.

Community Support

We know our work can sometimes cause disruption, and we want to leave the community in a better place once we complete our work. If you’re aware of a project taking place that will benefit the community, we would love to see if we could get involved. Please let us know how we can support you and we will do our very best to help, contact us at community@dwrcymru.com.

Frequently asked questions

Useful Information

AIA AMS - Treescene

785.8kB, PDF

Arboricultural Impact Assessment - Treescene

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Flood Consequence Assessment

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Site Location Plan

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Compound Layout

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Compound Elevations


Site Drainage

2.1MB, PDF

Landscape Section A-A

15.6MB, PDF

Existing Site Layout

435.8kB, PDF

Issue Register

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Water Environment Regulations Compliance Assessment

4.3MB, PDF

Habitats Regulation Assessment (HRA)

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Ecological Impacts Assessment (EcIA)

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Odour Assessment

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Tree Protection Plan - Treescene

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Tree Survey - Treescene

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Application for Planning Permission

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