Water Sure Wales tariff offers financial lifeline for Llandaff family

2 November 2023

Rachel Spencer is a Welsh Water Customer from Llandaff North. She works at Tenovus Cancer Care and is a busy mum of two children, Jake and Phoebe.

Six years ago, Rachel’s son Jake was born with a bowel condition, which meant his small intestine hadn’t grown properly and most of it had to be removed. He suffered from intestinal failure as a result, which meant is bowel could not process enough nutrients.

Rachel said: “Jake’s condition meant that until he was three, he was fed intravenously through a central line. He is still PEG feed now and has ongoing issues with his bowel. To keep him well we need to use lots of water for very regular washes and cleaning, which means our typical water bill would be very high.”

Thankfully, Rachel reached out to Welsh Water to see if there was anything that could be done to reduce her water bill, as the usage was beyond her control. Rachel spoke to Bill Assist Team Leader, Tracey, who investigated potential financial support.

“I assumed, because my husband and I are in employment, there may not be any financial support available for us with our water bill. I was so pleased when Tracey came back and told me that we were eligible for Water Sure Wales.” Rachel added.

Welsh Water’s Water Sure Wales tariff caps eligible customers’ annual metered bill amount, so they don’t pay over a certain amount for the year, no matter what their actual consumption is. The scheme is available to customers who already have a water meter, or opt in to have a water meter fitted.

To be eligible for Water Sure Wales, customers must be receiving a qualifying benefit or tax credit and either have 3 or more children under the age of 19 living at home who they can claim child benefit for or have a member of their household with a medical condition that requires significant use of extra water.

Rachel said: “The process was straightforward. We had to fill in an application form and have Jake’s doctor to confirm his medical condition and sign it off.

“With energy prices being so volatile and the cost-of-living on the rise, having the predictability of our water bill being a set cost each month has been such a relief for us. It’s great that we at least know where we stand with our payments for that, one less worry for us. I would recommend anyone who is worried about paying their water bill reach out to Welsh Water, they have been so helpful to us.”

Sam James, Managing Director of Household Customer Services at Welsh Water, said: “I urge anyone who is worried about paying their water bill to speak to us, you are certainly not alone. It’s great to hear what relief the Water Sure Wales tariff has afforded Rachel and her family, which is just one of many different financial support options we have available for our customers, including our brand new Cymuned fund, which has been developed to support working households.

“We have a proven track record of supporting customers with their water bills; we’re currently offering financial support to over 140,000 people and my advice is that it’s always better to act early, rather than let a debt build up. We’re here for you.”

If you are worried about paying your water bill, Welsh Water may have financial support that can help you. Visit www.dwrcymru.com/costofliving to find out more about Water Sure Wales and the other options available.