Executive variable pay/bonus for the financial year 2022-23

11 May 2023

Dŵr Cymru Welsh Water’s Chief Executive, Peter Perry, and Chief Finance Officer, Mike Davis, will not receive any variable pay/ bonus for the financial year 2022-23 the company has confirmed.

Mr Perry said: "As a provider of an essential service, our main focus is on delivering a good service to our customers and supporting the communities we serve. However, I recognise the current strength of public feeling about river water quality and after an extremely challenging year due a number of weather events, I had already decided that I would not be accepting a bonus this year.

"I wish to reassure customers that we remain totally committed to protecting the environment. We are on course to deliver over £840m of improvements to our wastewater network by 2025, with a further £1.4bn by 2030.

"While 44% of rivers achieve ‘good’ ecological status in Wales compared to 14% in England, we know that we need to accelerate our investment. This is why our recently published Manifesto for Rivers states that by 2030, we will have reduced our phosphorous contribution impacting on the Special Area of Conservation rivers in Wales by 90%, and plan to achieve 100% by 2035. Our plan will ensure that water bodies in Wales do not fail to achieve ‘good’ status due to the impact of combined storm overflows."