Welsh Water customers encouraged to use water wisely – to help save money and protect the environment

25 November 2022

Welsh Water is helping its customers with advice on how to reduce water consumption that will, not only benefit the environment but will also help during the cost-of-living crisis.

With increasing energy prices, it easy to forget the impact water can have on the environment and on peoples’ finances

Lowering water consumption could help customers save money on their water bills, reduce energy use and bills, and help protect one of our most precious natural resources. It can also help the company reduce its carbon footprint by lowering the amount of water it needs to treat and pump – both of which are energy intensive processes.

According to Energy Saving Trust, 12% of a typical household’s gas bill is spent on heating the water for showers, baths, and hot water from the tap. This means that heating water in homes makes up about 5% of the UK’s total carbon dioxide emissions.

Welsh Water advises customers that simple water use changes can save money and reduce water consumption. Customers can make every drop of water count by doing things like taking showers instead of baths and only filling the kettle with as much water as they need to boil.

Some simple steps which can save water and money include:

  • Replacing an inefficient shower head could save a typical family around £70 each year – that is £45 off their gas bills and around £25 off their water bills
  • Replacing a bath with a five-minute shower once a week could save up to £10 a year the water bill and up to £10 on gas bill (based on family of four)
  • £8 a year saving, per person off energy bills by spending one minute less in the shower each day. With a water meter this could save a further £11 off annual water and sewerage bills.

Welsh Water has several water saving products available to customers using their Get Water Fit Calculator, an online tool which provides hints and tips on how to save water. This can be found on https://www.dwrcymru.com/en/help-advice/get-water-fit

This advice comes as Welsh Government host Wales Climate week Conference which focuses on bringing organisations, communities and individuals together to explore the policies and solutions needed to support the general public in taking action on climate change along with a key focus on challenges of cost of living crisis.

In addition to the advice on water saving and reduced waters costs Welsh Water has expanded its financial support options to give an extra 50,000 households additional help for those most impacted by the rising cost of living - saving up to £230 on their annual water bill.

As households in Wales face financial challenges like never before, including rising food and energy prices, Welsh Water is urging those who are currently in receipt of means tested benefits, like Universal Credit or Income Support, to get in touch as they may be eligible for financial support to help towards paying their water bill.

This week our friendly customer support teams are attending cost-of-living events across Wales where customers worried about the cost-of-living crisis can have a face-to-face chat to find out what support they could get.

The support packages available include:

  • Support measures to help customers manage their bills such as payment holidays, flexible payment plans, and advice on simple ways to reduce water use
  • Support either through its “social tariffs” scheme or a new community fund
  • Launch of a pilot of the community fund in January 2023 to target customers who are struggling with household bills but are ineligible for benefits and, therefore, Welsh Water’s social tariffs.

Sam James, Managing Director of Household Customer Services at Welsh Water, said: “Many people may be going into Winter feeling particularly worried about their finances or struggling to afford the essentials due to the increase in cost of living, which is why we want to remind our customers that we are here to help. If you’re worried about how you’re going to afford your water bill, please don’t suffer in silence. We have a dedicated team with the expertise to advise you on the various schemes that we provide. A record number of households - over 144,000 - now receive financial support from Welsh Water, you are not alone.”

“We have a range of financial support options available, which could help get customers back on track and we are urging anyone who thinks we may be able to help to get in touch as soon as possible. Whether you give us a ring or access our support services online, you’ll be treated sensitively and in confidence.”

Help with bills, financial support information is available at www.dwrcymru.com/helpwithbills for people who would prefer to apply for support online.