Welsh Water delivers boost to Abergele environment

16 November 2022

New sewer will help protect local environment.

Abergele’s local environment has received a boost thanks to the completion of an investment scheme by not for profit water company Welsh Water.

As part of its commitment to protecting the environment, the company has invested around £1.5 million in a project which will improve the sewerage network in the area.

Until now, some properties in the area had not been able to connect to the main sewerage network and instead had to rely on a cesspit. These at times could overflow which in turn posed a pollution risk to the surrounding environment.

To address the situation, the company consulted with Conwy Council’s environmental health department and Natural Resources Wales, before designing and installing a new sewer system to replace the septic tanks. The new 780 metre sewer system will enable the properties to connect to the main sewerage network which will take away and safely treat their wastewater.

Angela Meadows, Senior Project Manager at Welsh Water said: “We’re proud to put the environment at the heart of the decisions we make as a business. This project is a great example of our commitment to investing heavily to ensure top quality services to all the communities we serve, not only now but in the future.

“We appreciate that our work can be inconvenient at times, so we really did appreciate the cooperation shown to us by the local residents while we worked in their community.”

Charlotte Williams, Environment Team Leader for Natural Resources Wales, said: “We are pleased to see this significant step towards safeguarding bathing water quality on this part of the coast.”