Statement on Llyn Brenig filming

25 August 2020

We take our role as environmental guardians extremely seriously and take every precaution when allowing activity on our sites to ensure it does not impact wildlife.

While temporary filming work has been ongoing at Llyn Brenig, we have taken steps to ensure there is no impact on wildlife, including the ospreys. All work is outwith a 150m exclusion zone – agreed with our environmental regulators Natural Resources Wales – around the osprey nest. No generators are positioned within 250m of the nest, and the use of flares yesterday took place 600m from the nest and directed away from it. There has been no felling of trees to accommodate filming in the area.

We are carefully monitoring to ensure any activity or equipment used has no impact on the birds in the area. Based on previous behaviour of the ospreys at the site, we are confident that their behaviour – including to leave the nest – is within what would be expected to occur naturally  at this time of year. The North Wales Wildlife Trust have independently observed the birds roosting in trees directly adjacent to the nest during some of this the filming activity.