Integrated management systems

Health and Safety

Nothing is more important to us than the health and safety of our employees, partners, contractors, customers, neighbours and the public we affect through our work. We believe that everyone who works on our behalf has a fundamental right to return home healthy and safe at the end of each day. Anything less than this is unacceptable.

Environment and Quality

Welsh Water also recognises that its day to day operations can impact upon the environment in a number of ways and will endeavour to minimise the harmful effects of such actions wherever practicable. Welsh Water also has a vision to succeed through close cooperation with customers, suppliers and sub-contractors, to understand their needs and together with the allocation of appropriate resources, will set both environmental and quality objectives for continual improvement.

Asset Management

Welsh Water is committed to the effective operation of all its assets through their entire lifecycles and operates asset management plans which are holistic, systematic, risk based and sustainable and also integrated with the requirements and commitments made in the continuous improvement of our Health and Safety, Quality and Environmental standards.

Information Security Policy Statement

Welsh Water is committed to protecting the information and data belonging to our customers, colleagues and other stakeholders. Our Information and Systems Security Policy can be found below.

Technical Competence Policy Statement

The Competence Management System demonstrates Welsh Water’s commitment to ensuring that our colleagues have the required knowledge, skills, and technical competency to satisfy regulatory requirements and comply with the environmental permit.

Available Downloads

Asset Management Policy Statement 2024-25

59.5kB, PDF

Environmental Policy Statement 2024-25

59.2kB, PDF

Health Safety and Wellbeing Policy Statement 2024-25

60kB, PDF

Information Security Policy Statement 2024-25

60kB, PDF

Quality Policy Statement 2024-25

58.6kB, PDF

Technical Competence Policy Statement 2024-25

39.8kB, PDF