We're always investing in our services and infrastructure throughout Wales and Hereford, and we’ve got some exciting news for Monmouth.

We’re investing £11 million in our water network and wastewater assets over the next 2 years. On this page you’ll find some information about the work and how it may affect you.

What are we doing?

Upgrading the water network

We’re upgrading over 28km of clean water pipes in Monmouth and the surrounding areas. Our work will see us replacing 14.6km, cleansing 10.3km and abandoning 3.3km of water pipes. Not only will it help improve the drinking water quality for these communities, it will also help to ensure security of supply and to alleviate issues with loss of supply or low water pressure currently experienced by some customers in the area.

We’ll be using a combination of traditional and innovative methods so that we can get the work done as quickly as possible whilst trying our best to minimise disruption.

This work got underway in October 2023 and will be completed by March 2025.

Upgrading our wastewater assets

We know that our customers want us to do more, especially to help protect the quality of our rivers such as the Wye. This is why we’re planning to upgrade the assets at Monmouth Wastewater Treatment Works which will allow us to treat and dispose of wastewater more effectively from our treatment works before returning it safely back into the environment.

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