Upgrading the water pipes from Llyswen to Clifford

We’re investing £20 million in the water network between Llyswen to Clifford. This will help continue to provide our customers in the area with a safe, reliable supply of clean drinking water for decades to come.

Why are we doing this?

Some of our pipes that provide customers with their morning shower and cups of tea are over 100 years old. Over time natural deposits can build up inside the pipes and slow the flow of the water. While these deposits are not harmful, every now and then we need to clear the pipes to keep the water running freely.

We’re investing £20 million to help to ensure security of supply to our customers and to alleviate issues with loss of supply or low water pressure currently experienced by some customers in the area.

What does this work involve?

With some parts of the network nearing the end of its operational life, our work will see us replacing 21km and cleansing around 3km of water pipes in-between Llyswen, and Clifford. Not only will it help improve the drinking water quality for these communities, but it will also help to ensure security of supply and to alleviate issues with the water network in the future.

We’ll be using a combination of traditional and innovative methods so that we can get the work done as quickly as possible whilst trying our best to minimise disruption wherever possible.

Most customers will not be affected by the work and will probably not even notice the work being done, but we will write to any customers that may be affected with all the information they will need.

Our contractors

We’ll be working with Morrison Water Services and their supply chain to help us get the work done. They’ll be working Monday to Friday between 7:30am and 5:30pm, but sometimes they may need to work outside of these hours and during the weekends to get the work done quickly.

Where will our teams be working between January- March 2024

Your water supply during the work

Throughout most of the work there should be no interruption to your water supply. However, there may be times where your water appears a bit darker than usual. This is quite normal when we are doing work like this and will clear if you run the kitchen cold tap.

If there are times where we need to turn off your water for a short period, we will contact you in advance via text message. To receive these messages, please make sure we have an up-to-date mobile or landline telephone number for your household.

You can check this and update your contact details by contacting us on Live Chat (via the Need Help button) on our website or by calling our 24-hour contact number on 0800 052 0130.

Traffic management plan

There will be times when we do need to work in the road, and we’ll be using a combination of two-way and four-way lights to keep traffic moving. There may also be times when we will be working directly outside properties and will need to ask some people not to park where the work takes place. If this is the case, we’ll be sure to let you know in plenty of time. Please be assured that we’ll get the work in the roads done as quickly as we can.

As our work progresses, we will keep the In Your Area section of our website and our social media channels updated with the latest information so you know what to expect.