Beach Road, Hirael

We’re working to help improve the water quality of the Menai Strait. Here you’ll find more information about work we’ll be carrying out on the wastewater network in Hirael, Bangor and how it may affect you.

Why are we doing this work?

Sewers in Bangor are combined sewers, which means that wastewater from kitchens and toilets are carried by the same pipes as roof and roads rainwater.

During heavy rainfall, the additional surface water and wastewater is stored in a storm overflow tank, at our Beach Road pumping station, however, during significant rainfall, when this tank is full and can’t take any more, the water flows out of the storm overflow into the bay. This storm overflow is in place to stop the network from backing up and flooding homes and businesses in Bangor.

To help protect the local environment and water of the strait, which forms part of the Menai Strait Marine Special Area of Conservation, we will be carrying out work to help reduce the number of times the storm overflow is used. One way to do this would be to separate the surface water and wastewater in the area, however, this would mean digging up most of the roads in Bangor which would cause major disruption to residents and businesses in the city and would take several years.

Another, much less disruptive way, is to build a large underground storage tank which will hold back flows during significant rainfall and then slowly release the water back into the system when there is enough room. This is what we plan to do in Beach Road.

How are we doing it?

We will be putting in a large underground storage tank under the football pitch on Beach Road. As we will need space for the machinery and a storage area as well, we will be using most of the football pitch and grassed area during our work.

Byw’n Iach (Gwynedd Council) who own the football pitch and have given us permission to carry out the work on the site, and to make the necessary changes to the field to get the work done. Once we finish the work, we will of course put everything back as it was.

After we put in the tank and finished the work, we’ll then cover it up with grass and re-mark the football pitch so that it will still be a pitch and grassed area for people to enjoy.

It’s important that our team can maintain the tank after it’s finished, to carry out this maintenance we’ll need to create a track next to the field and there will be some manhole covers alongside the playing field.

When are we working?

We will start this work mid- February 2024 and if everything goes to plan, we should be finished by the middle of 2025, but we’ll do our best to finish as soon as we can.

We had planned on working 12 hours a day, but following a review of the programme we now plan to work Monday to Friday 7.30am to 5.30pm but on some occasions we may need to work later or on weekends to get the work done.

Our partners, Alun Griffiths, will be carrying out the work on our behalf.

What will the process look like?

How will the work affect you?

The work will not affect the water or wastewater service but as with any large construction project, there will be times where there will be some noise, construction vehicles, and disruption to traffic in the area but the team will do their best to reduce disruption where they can.

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