Welsh Water and Wales YFC introduce WaterSource Champions for 2023-24

For the past three years, Wales YFC has benefitted from a partnership with Welsh Water which has offered the opportunity for two of its members to link in more closely together and become WaterSource Champions 2023 – 2024.

Do you want to know more about drinking water, agriculture, and catchment management? If so, this innovative opportunity to work with Welsh Water could be for you!

The chosen applicants have the opportunity to:

  • Gain a greater understanding of why Welsh Water want to work with the agricultural sector and what you can do to protect drinking water supplies into the future
  • Undertake site visits to a clean and a waste treatment works to understand what happens to get water to a tap and what happens when you flush the toilet
  • Work with the team on a joint catchment management project to benefit farmers and water quality over the course of the year
  • Attend our WaterSource 2022 conference along with numerous organisations within the water & farming industries
  • Attend at catchment specific events, networking opportunities, annual conference, agricultural shows
  • Work with us on projects such as:
  • - Developing an increased understanding of animal health and the potential impact to drinking water supplies

    - Using and understanding the use of new technology such as LiDAR, weather stations, hydrological mapping, sensors, climate change and land modelling

  • Undertake a day out in our catchments water sampling with the team
  • Receive a joint branded fleece to wear at events
  • Be presented with a certificate of achievement at conclusion of scheme.

This is a great opportunity for us to work in partnership and find those projects that will benefit both organisations. It allows us to share information with young farmers and raise awareness of the work we do to look after our drinking water sources before it reaches our water treatment works.

It also offers young farmers the chance to learn about the water industry, how catchment management works and how it can help farms become more efficient and resilient in this climate changing world.

Catchment Manager Tara Froggatt said: "Working together to protect our water supplies, applying innovative thinking and practices and co-creating solutions will bring rewards for both the agriculture and water industry. Working in partnership with Young Farmers Club is helping to influence and guide our journey to become a truly world class, resilient and sustainable water service for the benefit of future generations."

To apply or to request more information, please email watersource@dwrcymru.com.