Welsh Water and Wales YFC offer opportunity for collaboration to young farmers

For the second year running Welsh Water is pleased to offer the chance for two Wales YFC members to become WaterSource Ambassadors to our Catchment Team.

This opportunity allows us to share information with young farmers and raise awareness of the work we do to look after drinking water quality before it even makes it to a water treatment works.

It offers young farmers the chance to learn about the water industry, how catchment management works and how it can help farms become more efficient and resilient in this climate changing world.

  • 2022/23 placement starting from the Autumn, with at least one week spent with the Catchment team
  • Opportunity to take part in a routine water quality sampling visit
  • Work with the team on a joint catchment management project to benefit farmers and water quality over the course of the year
  • Attend our WaterSource 2022 conference along with numerous organisations within the water & farming industries
  • Feedback experiences to fellow members at the Wales YFC Rural Affairs Committee
  • Promote the work of the Catchment Team and their experiences at a club and county level
  • Create social media content to be shared across multiple channels, promoting yourself and your experiences as WaterSource Ambassador
  • Join the team at one of our stakeholder steering groups or farmer group meetings

Our team have project ideas we can collaborate on as part of this year’s scheme, which will benefit both ourselves and the successful applicants.

Last year saw Laura Evans and Meg Powell join the team. The pair were introduced to the concept of catchment management and were given the opportunity to contribute to two projects which were of importance to the team.

Laura worked with our Catchment Spatial Risk Analyst Jamie Phillips and focused on a project looking at mapping land to water connection to identify run-off pathways.

Meg partnered with our North Catchment Partnership Coordinator Alwyn Roberts and looked at understanding the impacts of sheep scab management on livestock and the environment.

Application forms can be requested from and submitted to information@yfc-wales.org.uk or catharine.jones@dwrcymru.com. All applicants will be 16 years of age or over and a current Wales YFC member.

The application window is open from Monday 18th July and will close a month later on Monday 15th August. Interviews will be held week commencing 22nd August.

The successful candidate will be announced at the Wales YFC Chairman’s Dinner on Saturday September 10th.

We hope to hear from you and wish you the best of luck.