WaterSource catchment team partner with Wales YFC

The Catchment team at Welsh Water works with lots of different people, including farmers and foresters, community groups and customers, to change the way we look after the land. We call this approach WaterSource.

WaterSource is all about prevention, not cure. We want to make sure water is of the best quality possible before it gets to the treatment works. This will mean fewer chemicals and less energy is needed during treatment.

With that approach in mind, the team has entered a year-long partnership with Wales Young Farmers Club to raise the profile of WaterSource with its 5,500 members who are aged between 10 and 26. 

“The partnership agreement will allow us to share knowledge, insight and good practice on how we can work together with the farmers of tomorrow to protect raw water quality,” said Catchment delivery manager, Sophie Straiton. “Wales YFC will share our messages with its members and help facilitate workshops which offer an opportunity for real engagement and feedback. The whole WaterSource team are looking forward to setting up these workshops, starting in the New Year.”

Wales YFC have welcomed the unique opportunity to work collaboratively with the team. 

Its chair, Katie Davies said: “Wales YFC are very grateful for the support of Dŵr Cymru again this year. Looking ahead to 2021, we are excited about the new knowledge and insight that will be shared with our members from the WaterSource team through the delivery of workshops and Webinars and we look forward to help facilitate a dialogue between Dŵr Cymru and Wales’ future farmers.”