Loving Our Lake

In 2009, Llyn Padarn suffered a toxic algal bloom, which caused extensive damage to both the local environment and local economy. The main factor contributing to the bloom was excess nutrient input into the lake.

The ‘Loving our Lake’ project works with communities surrounding Llyn Padarn to reduce the phosphorous loading to the lake; “we can all make some simple changes to our day-to-day activities that will reduce the input of harmful nutrients”. The project raises awareness amongst the local community through school education programmes, guidance materials, social media and community activities.

“Through ‘Loving our Lake’ we want to identify and encourage those simple actions which will have the most beneficial effect on the water quality of the lake.”

Get a copy of Snowdonia-Active’s guidance on ‘Looking after your septic tank'.

Dŵr Cymru provided 100% of the project cost from its WFD fund. Following project completion, it was clear that the success of the project could be strengthened further, so to maintain momentum and further community engagement, Dŵr Cymru agreed to provide additional funding to extend the project. A further aspect of the project is to develop a communications protocol in the event of future algal blooms, in order to reduce the long-term impact on the local economy.

Further information about the project can be found here.