Environment Fund

Protecting and enhancing the environment around us is one of the most important responsibilities Welsh Water has. The Environment Fund aims to provide financial support to projects that will benefit and enhance biodiversity at or near our sites.

As a not-for-profit company, we see ourselves as more than just a water and sewerage company – we want to be at the heart of the communities we serve.

To improve the service we offer our customers further, we have launched an ambitious new Environment Fund to give financial support to projects benefiting nature and enhancing biodiversity at or near our sites.

The fund is designed to help third-sector groups develop and then implement ideas on how to help nature on our sites and the wider community.

The company is launching the project to help facilitate community based activities aiming to enhance biodiversity, and improve the local environment for our customers.

The new fund is open to any not-for-profit organisations in the areas Welsh Water serves in Wales, Herefordshire and Cheshire, and supports Welsh Water’s statutory biodiversity and conservation duties.

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Environment Fund

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