Climate change

Across the world our climate is changing and it is causing problems for people everywhere.

Climate Change Effects

Two main factors change – temperature – it can get hotter or colder and rainfall – it can get wetter or drier.

So the climate we experience could be wetter and hotter or wetter and colder. Or it could be drier and hotter or drier and colder.

How ever the climate changes, it can cause serious problems for us.

Wetter can cause flooding while drier could mean we don’t have enough water in our rivers and reservoirs.


When it rains the water that lands on our roofs, roads, pavements and driveways will run off into the drains and a lot of that water ends up in the sewer network. If there is too much the sewers can overflow flooding the roads and houses causing pollution.

Watch the film to find out about Rainscape and see how Welsh Water is trying to prevent this from happening.

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