Watersource 22 Conference

Enabling Effective Collaboration was held on Wednesday 9th November 2022 at the Vale Resort, Hensol.

The aim of the event was to re-establish the links made prior to the COVID pandemic and secure a commitment from key partners to work together as ‘Team Wales’ to protect our drinking water sources.

These sources face unparalleled challenges from land use pressures and climate change, and it is clear that we cannot deliver our 2050 ambition of safeguarding drinking water through catchment management on our own.

By working together to deliver multiple benefits that go beyond drinking water quality, we will also address the Nature and Climate Emergencies. We can deliver so much more by working as “Team Wales”.

The event was the first opportunity to take forward the recommendations of the Biodiversity Deep Dive Core Group, chaired by the Minister for Climate Change, Julie James MS, published on 3rd October 2022. Together we will create our roadmap to deliver effective and timely action at scale.

Materials from the day are available here

Conference Agenda

76.1kB, PDF

Keynote speech by Minister for Climate Change, Julie James MS

84.7kB, PDF

WaterSource22 supports Biodiversity Deep Dive

23.4kB, DOCX

WaterSource22 Report

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