Upper Tywi Catchment Restoration Project

The Afon Tywi was once one of the best migratory salmonid fisheries in England and Wales, but in the early 1980s it was found to be under threat from the effects of acidification.

The Carmarthenshire Rivers Trust aims to halt the deterioration of fisheries by reducing acidification through lime dosing, as well as promoting improvements to the habitats and wildlife associated with the aquatic environment. “The overriding aim is to restore or improve the ecology of the rivers in Carmarthenshire and its fisheries in a way that also provides maximum biodiversity gains and benefits for the rural economy”.

Dŵr Cymru awarded funding to the Upper Tywi Catchment Restoration Project to enable regular lime dosing, as well as to facilitate community involvement in improving the environment for their enjoyment. The Carmarthenshire Rivers Trust hopes that the project will consequently encourage outdoor recreation and tourism.

Water quality is monitored at a number of sites in order to assess the effectiveness of the project. So far, studies are showing improvements in both water quality and ecosystem structure.

Further information about the project can be found here.