Wynnstay Avenue

We’re investing £2.3 million to upgrade the sewer system in the Wynnstay Avenue area of Caia Park, Wrexham. Here you’ll find information about the work and how it may affect you.

The work will start on July 27th and we should be finished by April 2021, but we’ll do our best to finish sooner.  We’re doing this work because the sewers in Wynnstay Avenue which take away wastewater from homes are combined sewers which mean they also carry the water that comes off roofs and gutters. This means that when we get heavy rain it can sometimes overwhelm the system and water comes out of manholes causing flooding.  

So that we can stop this happening, we’re going to make more room in the network by building an underground storage tank in the grassed area between Wynnstay Avenue and Deva Way.  We’ll also be putting in new pipes to take the water into the tank and then out again when there’s room in the network. This work will help stop flooding from the sewers, but it will not help to stop surface water flooding as surface water flooding in the road doesn’t come under the responsibility of Welsh Water.

This work will be carried out by our partners, Morgan Sindall. Their team will be working on site from 7.30am until 5.30pm Monday to Friday but they may need to work later or on weekends to get the work done.  

While the work is being done, we will have an office and storage area on the grass between Wynnstay Avenue and Deva Way next to where we will be putting in the new underground tank. When we finish the work, we will leave fencing up in the area for a few months before coming back to reseed it so that it is a grassed area again.

Wynnstay Avenue

When we lay the new pipe in Wynnstay Avenue, we will need to close part of the road. This will be from September 7th for about 6 weeks. During this time a diversions will be in place via Moorland Avenue.  We’ll make sure that we put plenty of road signs out to let you know. While the road is closed, please put your waste and recycling bins out as normal so that they can be collected. 

While the road is closed, the bus will not be able to come down Wynnstay Avenue. The nearest bus stops will be on Hullah Lane and Travenna Way, but they will go back to normal one the road is open again.  Please check with the bus providers for further information. 

Part of the footpath at the top of Wynnstay Ave will be closed while we lay the pipe but again there will be plenty of sigs to let you know. The same thing will happen later on in the work with the footpath between Wynnstay Avenue and Deva Way which runs past the Venture.

Storage Tank Location

The new storage tank will be built underground in the grassed area between Wynnstay Avenue and Deva Way. To build the tank we need to dig a large hole in the ground. So that we can build it safely we need to put in metal walls inside the hole to make sure the soil doesn’t fall and to keep our team safe while hey build the tank.  While we put in the metal walls, it will be very noisy as the metal needs to be hammered in place. It should take us around three weeks to put in these walls, but we will do our best to get this done as quickly as possible to keep any disruption to a minimum. When the team begin work to build the storage tank, so that they can work safely we will be using pumps to reduce the water levels. These pumps will be running non-stop from October 14th until we finish the work on site. We will do everything we can to minimise the disruption from these essential pumps.

We will also be laying a track from the main road, alongside the footpath between Wynnstay Avenue and Deva Way so we can access the storage tank for maintenance in the future. We will be using grasscrete for this track so it will keep the area green.

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