Rhondda Fach

Welsh Water will be busy over the next two years upgrading the water pipes from Maerdy down to Pontypridd to give you clean, fresh water for years to come.

Whilst we’re in your community, we’re going to be doing a lot more too — from helping people struggling with their bills to water-saving freebies. We’ll also be heading to the Rhondda’s schools with our fun lessons and supporting local community projects.

As a not-for-profit organisation customers are at the centre of everything we do. That’s why we are piloting a new approach to work more closely with our customers whilst we are upgrading our water pipes.

What are we doing?

You may notice Welsh Water colleagues at community events as well as visiting local groups and organisations in the area. Whilst we’re out and about we will be talking to local customers about the range of services available, from saving money on your bills to improving your local environment.

We also want to hear from local people to help us improve our services. If you are part of a local group or organisation and would like to find out more please contact rhonddafach@dwrcymru.com.

Saving money on your bills

We know that from time to time customers may struggle to pay their bills, we have a range of tariffs on that can reduce the cost of your bills either by having a meter fitted, capping your bill through one of our tariffs or providing assistance if you are in arrears. More information about our tariffs can be found here.

We actively work with trusted partners to provide support to customers, if you would like to find out more about becoming a trusted partner please contact rhonddafach@dwrcymru.com.

If you live in the Rhondda Fach you can also take advantage of our free water audit and products. One of our friendly engineers will visit your home and complete a 30 minute health check of all your water appliances, fitting water saving products to help save water and money. Our simple yet effective products include aerated showerheads, garden hose guns and cistern bags. To find out more, or to book your appointment, please email waterdemandwales@dwrcymru.com.

Ensuring we can provide a Priority Service

We understand that not everyone’s situation or needs are the same and our Priority Services may help you. If you have particular requirements due to your age, health, medical condition or extra communication requirements, please let us know so we can adapt our services to your needs.

Working with our future customers

Our education team are providing outreach sessions to local schools in the Rhondda Fach area, delivering whole-school assemblies as well as class workshops. To date we have worked with 12 schools in the area, providing information on the water cycle and take part in designing a water supply for a village.

The schools also have the opportunity to receive a water efficiency assembly and workshop where they will learn how to use as much water as they need but not waste it. This will also include a water audit and water efficiency devices which will be fitted by our partners Aqualogic.

Checking our wastewater network

Whilst we are upgrading the water pipes in your local area, we will also be conducting a health check of our sewerage network.

You may notice our contract partners in the local area whilst they carry out proactive sewerage surveys on our behalf. This will help us to check that everything’s flowing as it should, that our pipes are in good condition and that customers aren’t flushing the wrong things down the drain. You can find out more about our proactive surveys here.

As well as surveying the sewerage network we are working with local schools in the area to identify opportunities to remove surface water from our sewerage system, which may reduce the likelihood of flooding in bad weather.

You can also help us to reduce the likelihood of blockages and flooding in your local community by following the tips below:

  • Only put poo, pee and paper down the toilet - all facial, baby, cleaning and wet wipes (even those labelled flushable can cause blockages), sanitary products, nappies and cotton buds must be placed in the bin. These items are the main causes of blockages.
  • Don’t dispose of fat, oil, grease and food waste down your sink, you can find out from your Local Authority the best way to dispose of these items.

Apprenticeships and Recruitment

This summer we are working with the Prince’s Trust to create a ‘Get into Construction; programme for young people from the Rhondda Fach. The programme will give you people an insight into the world of construction as well as hands-on experience over a 12 week period.

We are also working with local groups and schools to raise awareness of the range of roles we have at Welsh Water as well as our Apprenticeship and Graduate schemes and encouraging more young people to get into Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM).

The 2018 Graduate scheme has now closed, please keep an eye on our website for upcoming Apprenticeship schemes.

Take a look at the press release for Porth Water Network Upgrade PR.