Capel Celyn Memorial Chapel

Built in 1965 to commemorate the flooding of Capel Celyn village, the memorial chapel was built on the bank of the lake using many of the stones from the original chapel overlooking where the old chapel stood. 

Some of the gravestones from the cemetery have also been relocated to the adjoining yard and a memorial board of those buried in the village is housed inside the chapel. Said to be designed to resemble a ship emerging from the lake, Celyn memorial chapel has largely remained untouched since it’s construction.

Capel Celyn memorial chapel comes under the care of Welsh Water as part of our undertaking to operate Llyn Celyn Reservoir, Dam and hydro equipment. Registered by Cadw as Grade 2* building, we have been working closely with Cadw and over the next few months, we’ll be carrying out restoration work on Celyn memorial chapel to preserve the building for generations to come.

Restoration work

Over the years the mortar in the walls has deteriorated and as the chapel was built without electricity or heating, it has become damp. Welsh Water has carried out regular maintenance work, but over the next few months we’ll be carrying out conservation work on the Chapel to preserve the building’s construction and integrity.

Before we start this work, we will be covering the whole building using scaffolding and an external sheet to protect the building from the weather while we carry out the work. We will then begin with the removal of moss from the walls. 

We’ll then remove the current mortar between the stones of the walls before repointing the whole building inside and out with lime mortar. 

We will also be re-capping the roof to prevent water ingress. 

In 2021 further work will be carried out to lime wash the walls to protect them further from water ingress. We will then look to replace the windows and doors in the near future.

We have appointed specialist contractors Phillips and Curry to carry out the work on our behalf. While the work is being carried out, they will continue to follow Government guidelines on working during this time. 

We will be carrying out the work from July until the end of November 2020. We will be posting regular photos of the work on this page throughout the work.

Work on site