Regulation and competition

As a licensed water and sewerage provider, we're regulated by Ofwat and are subject to the policies and legislation of the Welsh Government or the UK Government as appropriate.

Here you can find out more about the various aspects of regulation and competition, including links to various documents and information that we're required to publish, such as our tariffs and charges.


Our Scheme of Charges, which sets out the prices that we charge for the various services we provide to different kinds of customers, is provided below. The Scheme of Charges contains the charges to end-users and are composed of a wholesale element and a retail element. The Schedule of Wholesale Charges shows the wholesale element of the end-user charges.

We also publish below a statement from our Board which confirms they're satisfied that we've calculated these charges correctly and in accordance with relevant regulations.


We respond regularly to consultations from Ofwat, the Welsh Government and others.

Some of the key responses, plus our own consultation documents, can be found below.

Performance Reporting

We report regularly on our performance in accordance with our obligations. This helps to provide our customers with information on how we're doing, and for Ofwat to compare our performance against other companies.

This performance information is also used to calculate the rewards and penalties that are applied in accordance with the Outcome Delivery Incentive (ODI) scheme.