Akmal Hanuk


Akmal Hanuk has lived in Cardiff for 20 years holding senior management positions for the local, national and international corporate bodies and organisations. He is well travelled and Founder and Chief Executive of Assadaqaat Community Finance UK. 
He is currently Member of the Valleys Ministerial Task Force, Ministry of Economy and Transport at Welsh Government; Independent Member Welsh Water, Glas Cymru Holdings Cyfyngedig; University Business Tutor at Cardiff Business School; A Guest Lecturer and Keynote Speaker on Entrepreneurship, Business Strategy, Islamic Finance, Standards & Ethics in Public Life and Corporate Governance at leading academic institutions, national and international seminars, conferences and conventions. 

He has been the Chair and Independent Member of Cardiff Council’s Standards and Ethics Committee for 8 years, and been the Vice Chair of the Wales Refugee Council. He was co-founder and Programme Director of the Ethnic Business Support Programme, a Welsh Government Initiative to encourage enterprise among communities offering access to business and financial support to the members of all communities in Wales.